Welcome to my homework blog for Grade 7 English and Math! This blog is primarily designed to help parents stay up to date with their child's learning. It is also practical for students so they can check their homework, which will be posted at regular intervals. I trust you will find this blog useful!

Thursday, June 7

HWK Thurs, Jun 7

MATH 7-04
Don't forget to bring your Gift Box tomorrow! If you don't bring it, someone will be left empty handed!

MATH 7-03
1. WB p124, 125
2. TX p.416 #4-8
3. Quiz next class , including definitions
4. Gift Box due Mon, Jun 11
Definitions: probability, event, favourable outcome, theoretical probability, experimental probability

ENGLISH all classes
Please ensure that you hand in your Fairytales Title page by tomorrow.
Next class we will continue with the different versions of Cinderella.

Tuesday, June 5

HWK Tues, Jun 5

MATH 7-03
I know this might seem like a lot of work, but most of the questions involve naming a polyhedron or drawing a view of a shape. I don't think it is too much for you if you do it over two nights.

1. WB p. 109, 110, 111
2. TX p.362 #4-9, 13 TX p.366 #4-7 TX p.370 #4-7
3. Mini Test on Thurs, Jun 7
4. ASSIGN TX p.380 due Mon, Jun 11 (see other post about assignment)

ENGLISH 7-01, 7-05
1. Title page with words "Fantasy, Myth, Legends, Fairytale" and all other elements of a title page.
2. Fix up the Fairytale that you wrote last class to make sure it includes many of the elements that we discussed in class

1. Write a the rough copy of a fairytale that incorporates 5 fairyales of your choice. Your fairytale must include many of the elements that we talked about in class today. It must be 3 pages double spaced or 1 1/2 pages typed (size 12 font) and double spaced. Due Thurs, June 7
2. Title page (see 7-01, 7-05)

Monday, June 4



You will be making a gift box to give to someone else in the class. We will draw names on Wed. Make sure that you read what you have to do on p. 380 of the TX and that you bring all the materials you need with you to class on Wed, June 6.

You will design a gift box for candies/chocolates. Draw 2 copies of the net. Use one to make the box and the other to hand in. Write a paragraph about why your box should be chosen (look in TX p. 380). Make a 3D drawing of your gift box. Decorate it. Spend $1-$2 on candy/chocolate to put in your box. As discussed in class, if you don't think you can do this, let me know.

Here are some suggested materials to make your box:
- markers, colouring pencils
- glue/hot glue
- tape
- scissors
- contruction paper (just to decorate, not strong enough for actual box)
- cardboard/Bristol board/ cereal box
- graph paper
- bows, buttons, glitter, stickers, yarn, other decorations